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It touches on a number of pressing issues facing not just the industry but society in general.

- Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies

Each scene ends with a punchline,  so we’re

here for the laughs.

- Alan Ng, Film Threat

The cast is solid, the characters are developed.

- Sean Evans, Back to the Movies

Really concisely written scripts & really solid character work.

- Martin Carr, Reel Reviews

With its witty writing, stellar cast, and relatable themes of

partnership & perseverance, this mockumentary is a must-watch...

- Watchworthy

Watch the cast interview discussing the show moderated by Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos

1. Pilot (23 min)

An inexperienced slacker is hired to run a department of failed producers at a film studio run by a politically incorrect boss in a mockumentary about the workplace.

2. Kid From Hell (23 min)

Ralph asks Stan and Joe to watch over his son, Gordon, which ends up being a much larger task than initially expected when they learn how difficult the kid is.

3. The Pitch (23 min)

Ralph asks Stan and Joe to have their team pitch their projects to one of the company's top talents. As expected, things go horribly wrong.

4. Cowman (28 min)

Bottom Dwellers is being sued over one of their projects. Ralph hands the problem over to Stan and Joe to deal with.

5. Miscast (26 min)

Ralph hires his nephew to cast his slate of films, a decision that proves disastrous for the company.

6. The Birthday (25 min)

Stan plans a surprise birthday party for Joe but everything is ruined when Ralph tells them they need to fire someone.



Mockumentary about a group of failed and inexperienced producers forced to work together at a production company.

Written and Directed by: Brian A. Metcalf
Produced by: Brian A. Metcalf, Thomas Nicholas, Kelly Arjen, Kevin Mayeux

Thomas Nicholas
Brian A. Metcalf
Kelly Arjen
Tom Arnold
Mark Pellegrino
David Henrie
David Koechner
Samm Levine
Shelley Regner
Lulu Jovovich

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